004 Eri Modena Madras Fusion - Hand Spiced Green Chai

004 Eri Modena Madras Fusion - Hand Spiced Green Chai




Product type: Wholesale

Vendor: Espirita Tea Company



Origin: China
Grade: Grade A Green Tea Premium Loose Leaf
Anti-Oxidant Health Level: Very High 
Caffeine Level: Low 
Shelf Life: 20 years unopened, 2 years after opening 
Premium Ingredients: Green Tea, Ginger, Cinnamon and Cardamom
Hot Brew Instructions: 80-90ºC, 1 tsp per 1 cup, 1-3 mins 
Cold Brew Iced Tea Instructions: 1 tbsp loose leaf tea makes 1L iced tea, add directly to filtered water in a pitcher and leave overnight 6-8 hours covered. 
Description: Fresh green tea from China with the warm flavors of cinnamon, cardamom, and ginger. Rich, inviting aroma, zesty flavor and hearty finish. Not as potent as a some chai blends can be, so if you're interested in spiced tea, this lightly flavoured cup is a very good place to start.