003 Mango Green Tea - Loose Leaf

003 Mango Green Tea - Loose Leaf




Product type: Wholesale

Vendor: Espirita Tea Company



Origin: Japan
Grade: Sencha Grade Green Tea Premium Loose Leaf
Anti-Oxidant Health Level: Very High 
Caffeine Level: Low 
Shelf Life: 20 years unopened, 2 years after opening 
Premium Ingredients: Green Tea, Dried Mango & Papaya Pieces
Hot Brew Instructions: 80-90ºC, 1 tsp per 1 cup, 1-3 mins 
Cold Brew Iced Tea Instructions: 1 tbsp loose leaf tea makes 1L iced tea, add directly to filtered water in a pitcher and leave overnight 6-8 hours covered. 

Description: Mango Green Tea blend is a delicious blend of Sencha-style green tea with natural raw fruit pieces, plain and simple. Sencha, a Japanese style green tea, is produced by skipping the fermentation process required to produce black tea. In green manufacture, the freshly plucked leaves are steamed or heated (to kill the enzymes that cause fermentation) immediately and then bruised either by machine or hand. Next the leaf is pan-fried or basket fired - a process that gives the tea its distinctive glossy looks and feels.
Sencha is typically have dark green, needle shaped leaves and produce a pale green to yellow, very bright and smooth cup with a sweetish, honey like finish. With its mellow grassy undertones and that classic ginger bite, this is one of our most refreshing green tea blends. Stunning iced.